Group Classes

Group Classes

One of the best features Total Health Club offers is our variety of classes taught by nationally certified fitness instructors. Most classes are small group classes where you will get individualized attention and all classes are able to be modified to your needs. Enjoy working out with a fun group of people all while knowing you are achieving great form to promise the best results! You can sign up for any of our classes up to one week ahead of time simply by stopping by our front desk or by calling us at (860) 904-9858! We even have an app that you can schedule classes on that our staff will be happy to go over with you when you come in!

Thighs, Butts, + Guts: Tone all the areas that we love to tone most using a variety of machines, resistance bands, bodyweight exercises, and free weights. This is a member favorite!

Total Suspension Training Bootcamp: Strength training class using the TRX suspension system, your body weight, and your core. You can learn over 150 different exercises in this class with continued participation.

Yoga: Stretch, recover, and improve your flexibility and mental clarity in this low-impact class. Yoga is one of the most important classes for muscle recovery and is an incredible stress reliever. We recommend doing yoga at least once per week. We recommend bringing your own yoga mat to the class!

Zumba®: Love to dance? Zumba is a fun cardio and aerobic workout that is sure to get your heart rate up! Feel the rhythm and burn up to 500 calories in this energetic class! Total Health Club also offers Zumba Gold ® which is a lighter version of traditional Zumba® and Zumba Toning® which combines light toning sticks to help sculpt your body.

Pilates: Pilates combined full body movements to improve your posture, core, and flexibility. Pilates also is known as a great stress reliever and immune system booster. We recommend bringing your own yoga mat to the class!

HIIT: Let’s sweat! This 45-minute Tabata-style workout class focuses on cardio fitness and stamina. Using a combination of athletic moves and strength exercises, we will have you burning lots of calories while simultaneously toning those muscles! High intensity, high energy, high satisfaction.

MIXXEDFIT®: MixxedFit® is a people-inspired dance fitness program that incorporates EXPLOSIVE dance movements with bodyweight toning. Everything we do is full-out and fun for every fitness level. Come experience a total body workout as we vibe and dance to the music.

Silver Sneakers Classic®: Silver Sneakers Classic® focuses on strengthening muscles and increasing the range of movement for daily life activities. Participants can use hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers® ball. Often a chair is used for seated exercises or standing support. This is considered the beginners Silver Sneakers® class.

Silver Sneakers Circuit®: The SilverSneakers® Circuit workout offers standing, low-impact choreography alternated with standing upper-body strength work using hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers® ball. A chair is available for support. This is considered the intermediate Silver Sneakers® class.

Silver Sneakers BOOM Muscle®: Silver Sneakers BOOM Muscle® incorporates athletic-based exercises that improve upper and lower body conditioning. You’ll move through several “blocks,” which are groups of exercises that focus on different muscle groups. The focus of this class is on toning muscles and building overall strength. This is considered the more advanced Silver Sneakers® class.

Senior Move & Groove: A fan favorite! Enjoy a combination of aerobics and full body movements designed to bring your heart rate up to the beat of the music! Get a full-body workout with light dumbbells, booty bands, and your own body weight!

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